How to use the IRC transport.

The IRC transport is a dynamic gateway that allows XMPP/Jabber users to connect to IRC using their Groupchat & MUC clients.



Joining a room

To open a room you will need the irc channel name and the irc server name. For our example we will use the channel #debian in server

To connect to an irc channel in your XMPP client you will take the irc channel and irc server and combine them together to form an XMPP room name. To do this you need to add the channel and server names together using a % as a seperator. For our example you would use as the room name in your XMPP client. You can then enter the transport name that your XMPP or Jabber server supplies, eg, as well as your nickname.  The nickname has to be unique not only on the channel you are joining (#debian in our example) but also on the irc server (

If you open more than one room to the same server they must have the same nickname, so if I were mikea on, I would also need to be mikea on If you try and open while logged on already the transport will use your old name, and change your new name to match it.

If  you choose a name that is already in use then the will return an error.

IRC emote and commands

None of the special irc commands other than '/me' work. All will be relayed to the channel.

Private Messages

Private messages sent to a member of a room will be returned as a network user. If you try and chat to me as mikea in room then you will get the responce from as private messages in IRC are network based not room based.

Mode changes

All mode changes are supported only by the MUC interface.