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 1  # $Id:,v 1.9 2005/03/07 09:34:51 snakeru Exp $ 
 3  """ 
 4  All features of xmpppy library contained within separate modules. 
 5  At present there are modules: 
 6  simplexml - XML handling routines 
 7  protocol - jabber-objects (I.e. JID and different stanzas and sub-stanzas) handling routines. 
 8  debug - Jacob Lundquist's debugging module. Very handy if you like colored debug. 
 9  auth - Non-SASL and SASL stuff. You will need it to auth as a client or transport. 
10  transports - low level connection handling. TCP and TLS currently. HTTP support planned. 
11  roster - simple roster for use in clients. 
12  dispatcher - decision-making logic. Handles all hooks. The first who takes control over fresh stanzas. 
13  features - different stuff that didn't worths separating into modules 
14  browser - DISCO server framework. Allows to build dynamic disco tree. 
15  filetransfer - Currently contains only IBB stuff. Can be used for bot-to-bot transfers. 
17  Most of the classes that is defined in all these modules is an ancestors of  
18  class PlugIn so they share a single set of methods allowing you to compile  
19  a featured XMPP client. For every instance of PlugIn class the 'owner' is the class 
20  in what the plug was plugged. While plugging in such instance usually sets some 
21  methods of owner to it's own ones for easy access. All session specific info stored 
22  either in instance of PlugIn or in owner's instance. This is considered unhandy 
23  and there are plans to port 'Session' class from project for storing all 
24  session-related info. Though if you are not accessing instances variables directly 
25  and use only methods for access all values you should not have any problems. 
27  """ 
29  import simplexml,protocol,debug,auth,transports,roster,dispatcher,features,browser,filetransfer,commands 
30  from client import * 
31  from protocol import *