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Class Command_Handler_Prototype

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client.PlugIn --+
Known Subclasses:

This is a prototype command handler, as each command uses a disco method 
   and execute method you can implement it any way you like, however this is 
   my first attempt at making a generic handler that you can hang process 
   stages on too. There is an example command below.

The parameters are as follows:
name : the name of the command within the jabber environment
description : the natural language description
discofeatures : the features supported by the command
initial : the initial command in the from of {'execute':commandname}

All stages set the 'actions' dictionary for each session to represent the possible options available.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, jid='')
Set up the class
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plugin(self, owner)
Plug command into the commands class
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Remove command from the commands class
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Returns an id for the command session
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Execute(self, conn, request)
The method that handles all the commands, and routes them to the correct method for that stage.
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_DiscoHandler(self, conn, request, type)
The handler for discovery events
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Inherited from client.PlugIn: DEBUG, PlugIn, PlugOut

Class Variables [hide private]
  name = 'examplecommand'
  count = 0
  description = 'an example command'
  discofeatures = ['', 'jabbe...
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__init__(self, jid='')

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Set up the class
Overrides: client.PlugIn.__init__

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['', 'jabber:x:data']