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Class TestCommand

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        client.PlugIn --+    
Command_Handler_Prototype --+

Example class. You should read source if you wish to understate how it works. Generally, it presents a "master" that giudes user through to calculate something.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, jid='')
Init internal constants.
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cmdFirstStage(self, conn, request)
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cmdSecondStage(self, conn, request) source code
cmdSecondStageReply(self, conn, request) source code
cmdThirdStage(self, conn, request) source code
cmdCancel(self, conn, request) source code

Inherited from Command_Handler_Prototype: Execute, getSessionID, plugin, plugout

Inherited from Command_Handler_Prototype (private): _DiscoHandler

Inherited from client.PlugIn: DEBUG, PlugIn, PlugOut

Class Variables [hide private]
  name = 'testcommand'
  description = 'a noddy example command'

Inherited from Command_Handler_Prototype: count, discofeatures

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__init__(self, jid='')

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Init internal constants.
Overrides: Command_Handler_Prototype.__init__